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dear friends

Ah, the magic of an email chain… If you missed it (how could you not, it was only a day ago), yesterday I posted about an email chain that’s been making the rounds, particularly through my inbox. Per usual, I felt the slightest flash of annoyance. But in these times, I’m game for more connection.Continue reading “dear friends”

runes for an old believer

Remember when letter — like actual pen and paper letter — chains were a thing? Then they made the transition to email. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve received more requests for these email chains than ever before. Everyone (including my own mother) seems to be BCC’ing me in the “Women’s Leadership Exchange” startedContinue reading “runes for an old believer”

what to drink during the pandemic

Desperate times call for strong cocktails. Enter: the Quarantea-to. As I write this, the concerned-for-humanity part of the population of the United States is on day four of official social distancing slash self-imposed quarantine, myself included. Zoom calls, Google Hangouts, and multiple Facetimes per day are rapidly becoming the new normal, even as we struggleContinue reading “what to drink during the pandemic”

why you should be watching “The Witcher” during social distancing

In life, many things tried once deserve a second try in order to fully appreciate them. My personal list would include things such as avocados. Running. Anchovies. The Bachelor franchise (despite the trash-can fire that was this past season). Snorkeling. The work of Roberto Bolano. (2666 was a hard entry point, all right?). Hard liquor.* Continue reading “why you should be watching “The Witcher” during social distancing”


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