the coolest small town in America

As it turns out, Berlin, MD is exactly what it claims to be On the whole, I tend to be skeptical when faced with self-appointed titles.  As my family’s car sped past the sign announcing Berlin, Maryland as “The Coolest Small Town In America,” I felt the usual inner cynicism.  “Says who?” I asked, eightContinue reading “the coolest small town in America”

wandering around: Midtown, NYC

Midtown, NYC covers a lot of ground. There are distinctions, of course–in my mind, what I include as parts of Midtown are probably more appropriately called Murray Hill, Lenox Hill, Hudson Yards (this is new) etc. It’s good to have those neighborhood lines, especially when we all have maps on our phones. But it allContinue reading “wandering around: Midtown, NYC”

it’s not the worst case, kind of [Bear Brook State Park]

The hike started as an easy walk in the woods. We meandered through the forest with the sun filtering in and out of the trees. A creek flowed next to us. We crossed it and got glimpses of the ridge line as we hiked upwards. Then came the sketchy spot; AKA a combination of snow,Continue reading “it’s not the worst case, kind of [Bear Brook State Park]”

when travel is a dream: road essentials

In Christopher Nolan’s 2010 sci-fi film “Inception,” the characters travel in and out of dream worlds. These worlds are so seemingly realistic that all the dream travelers carry totem objects to remind them that they are dreaming. The objects act as anchors to the “real world” for the travelers, and help them maintain their sanity.Continue reading “when travel is a dream: road essentials”

the why of water and witches

How could anybody have you? How anybody have you and lose you? How could anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind too?” -st. vincent, “los ageless” It took a good twenty or thirty minutes to navigate from the airport, where I’d rented the car, to Santa Monica. I gripped the wheelContinue reading “the why of water and witches”

karma points+magical trails

What does SCA stand for? Well…   Slick Cat Association? Salty Creek Association? Southern Community Assistance? Naw, it’s the Student Conservation Association.  Just like the name implies, it’s a conservation-based association that connects young people (as well as those that are young at heart) to work in a variety of public spaces.   Yours trulyContinue reading “karma points+magical trails”

how to drown in the desert

“If you have any doubt about it, first know that the desert begins with the creosote.” Land of Little Rain, Mary Austin   The desert scrubland–covered by small cacti, and dry looking branches–extended for miles in all directions. On one side, bright red rock formations rose straight up from the ground; on the other, differentContinue reading “how to drown in the desert”