it’s not the worst case, kind of [Bear Brook State Park]

The hike started as an easy walk in the woods. We meandered through the forest with the sun filtering in and out of the trees. A creek flowed next to us. We crossed it and got glimpses of the ridge line as we hiked upwards. Then came the sketchy spot; AKA a combination of snow,Continue reading “it’s not the worst case, kind of [Bear Brook State Park]”

education season [Bear Brook State Park]

The seasons: they change in the blink of an eye. This is true especially in the case of what I  call “education season.” I (along with my fellow Bear Brook-ers) am starting my eighth week in classrooms in Manchester. Break that down, and it’s only two more weeks of education season. It’s kind of bittersweet.Continue reading “education season [Bear Brook State Park]”

it’s a great day [Bear Brook State Park]

“It’s a great day to be at Bear Brook!” -Dave Brush, education director at Bear Brook State Park   After a short weekend and rejuvenating trip to see my sister in New York, I was back at Bear Brook. We went through our usual Monday routine, but something was different in the air. Maybe itContinue reading “it’s a great day [Bear Brook State Park]”

karma points+magical trails

What does SCA stand for? Well…   Slick Cat Association? Salty Creek Association? Southern Community Assistance? Naw, it’s the Student Conservation Association.  Just like the name implies, it’s a conservation-based association that connects young people (as well as those that are young at heart) to work in a variety of public spaces.   Yours trulyContinue reading “karma points+magical trails”

how to drown in the desert

“If you have any doubt about it, first know that the desert begins with the creosote.” Land of Little Rain, Mary Austin   The desert scrubland–covered by small cacti, and dry looking branches–extended for miles in all directions. On one side, bright red rock formations rose straight up from the ground; on the other, differentContinue reading “how to drown in the desert”