the thing that made you

If you had come by this space a year and some months ago, it would’ve looked a little different. There’s nothing too obvious—a design change here, an editing style altered there. But at a certain point last year, Of Mountains Made was woefully abandoned. I’d started this blog with my sister with a few ideas.Continue reading “the thing that made you”

it’s not the worst case, kind of [Bear Brook State Park]

The hike started as an easy walk in the woods. We meandered through the forest with the sun filtering in and out of the trees. A creek flowed next to us. We crossed it and got glimpses of the ridge line as we hiked upwards. Then came the sketchy spot; AKA a combination of snow,Continue reading “it’s not the worst case, kind of [Bear Brook State Park]”

education season [Bear Brook State Park]

The seasons: they change in the blink of an eye. This is true especially in the case of what I  call “education season.” I (along with my fellow Bear Brook-ers) am starting my eighth week in classrooms in Manchester. Break that down, and it’s only two more weeks of education season. It’s kind of bittersweet.Continue reading “education season [Bear Brook State Park]”