inked and polished

Need a snazzy, witty email campaign? What about an alluring ad? A personal editor to make sure you get the grades you deserve?

I offer the following writing services:


  • Website, email and newsletter copy, all in brand voice
  • Blog posts
  • Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Media pitches
  • Press release
  • Reviews
  • and more!


  • Blog posts: it’s hard to be your own editor. Often, blog copy delivers fantastic content, but just needs a once-over to make that post POP!
  • University papers: you wrote the papers, but let me help you make sure you get the grades you need to go with them.
  • Cover letters: let me help you get employed. It’s enough hard to talk about our own achievements (#modesty), much less write about them in ten separate letters.
  • Thank you notes: an oft-overlooked task that can make all the difference between your grandmother sending you a present next year…or getting a job call-back.
  • and more!

Please use the contact form to reach out if you’re interested in working with me.