dear friends

Ah, the magic of an email chain… If you missed it (how could you not, it was only a day ago), yesterday I posted about an email chain that’s been making the rounds, particularly through my inbox. Per usual, I felt the slightest flash of annoyance. But in these times, I’m game for more connection.Continue reading “dear friends”

runes for an old believer

Remember when letter — like actual pen and paper letter — chains were a thing? Then they made the transition to email. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve received more requests for these email chains than ever before. Everyone (including my own mother) seems to be BCC’ing me in the “Women’s Leadership Exchange” startedContinue reading “runes for an old believer”

what to drink during the pandemic

Desperate times call for strong cocktails. Enter: the Quarantea-to. As I write this, the concerned-for-humanity part of the population of the United States is on day four of official social distancing slash self-imposed quarantine, myself included. Zoom calls, Google Hangouts, and multiple Facetimes per day are rapidly becoming the new normal, even as we struggleContinue reading “what to drink during the pandemic”

why you should be watching “The Witcher” during social distancing

In life, many things tried once deserve a second try in order to fully appreciate them. My personal list would include things such as avocados. Running. Anchovies. The Bachelor franchise (despite the trash-can fire that was this past season). Snorkeling. The work of Roberto Bolano. (2666 was a hard entry point, all right?). Hard liquor.* Continue reading “why you should be watching “The Witcher” during social distancing”

a North Fork escape

The spare heater to my back was comfortably warm, though Perry, one of the owners of the family-run Old Field Vineyards, had warned it could get hot, even without the empty wine tasting sitting on the table in front of me. As if in anticipation of that thought, the door to my right opened, revealingContinue reading “a North Fork escape”

little delights

little delights: a roundup of things that surprised and delighted me recently. radical counter programming: I’ve been thinking about this episode from “This American Life” about delight (what else?). It fills my heart with all the warm fuzzies I’ve needed in this already-turbulent election year filled with tornado’s, coronavirus, and complete global uncertainty. all theContinue reading “little delights”

between worlds

For being so close to New York City, Nyack feels worlds apart We heard the slide before we saw it—the continued swish of paper, one right after the other, and then the heavy thunk! of items landing. The man responsible (though barely) stood in the middle of the aisle, his face grimacing apologetically as heContinue reading “between worlds”

the coolest small town in America

As it turns out, Berlin, MD is exactly what it claims to be On the whole, I tend to be skeptical when faced with self-appointed titles.  As my family’s car sped past the sign announcing Berlin, Maryland as “The Coolest Small Town In America,” I felt the usual inner cynicism.  “Says who?” I asked, eightContinue reading “the coolest small town in America”

little delights

Little delights: A weekly —no, monthly. Shall we call it twice-yearly? Oh, bless my lofty blogging aspirations. At any rate, here are the things that surprised and delighted me this week…er, recently. girl, put your records on: I bought a record player a few months ago, and there’s nothing better than listening to my favoriteContinue reading “little delights”

the best cafes to work out of in NYC

Because working from home is rarely actually productive… The freelancer life tends to be glamorized, especially on social media. Work from home, in pyjamas? The luxury! But the truth is that unless you have a dedicated workstation in your home, it can be very difficult to get anything done. And if your home is anContinue reading “the best cafes to work out of in NYC”