what to drink during the pandemic

Desperate times call for strong cocktails. Enter: the Quarantea-to.

As I write this, the concerned-for-humanity part of the population of the United States is on day four of official social distancing slash self-imposed quarantine, myself included. Zoom calls, Google Hangouts, and multiple Facetimes per day are rapidly becoming the new normal, even as we struggle to comprehend that the world has shut down. We’re living in a time of a pandemic.

this week in a mood

Anyway, choosing to stay inside a small apartment with two other fully grown adults has made me into the type of person who longs for 6 p.m. It’s that magical time of day known to my Southern relatives as “the hour of charm.”

Don’t take that the wrong way. Despite being out of work (because yes, that also happened, thank you #gigeconomy), I’ve managed to get some writing jobs, and am also creating a schedule I’d like to maintain. This includes starting my day with a yoga practice and workout, making my bed and getting dressed. Then, I write my agenda for the day, and attempt to complete as much of it as I can.

But by the time 6 p.m. rolls around, I’m ready for what’s become my signature cocktail at the moment: the quarantea-to, named for the brewed black tea mixer.

The Quarantea-to, served on the rocks, and (preferably) in a 6 oz Mason jar.

  • 2 parts rum
  • 1 part Triple Sec
  • top off with brewed and chilled black tea. Ideally, I’d add some honey to the brewing so it isn’t too bitter, but that’s up to you. This should probably be done in advance, and I don’t have a recommendation for the tea — I used some Oolong tea.

Mix well, and enjoy whilst doing a virtual hang with your friends. Cheers!

Maxwell the cat on a Zoom call.

quick address to mostly the people younger than 30 who are still congregating for parties, sports practices, social gatherings, etc. Stop it. Join the rest of us on Zoom and Facetime.

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