little delights

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Little delights:

A weekly —no, monthly. Shall we call it twice-yearly?

Oh, bless my lofty blogging aspirations. At any rate, here are the things that surprised and delighted me this week…er, recently.

girl, put your records on: I bought a record player a few months ago, and there’s nothing better than listening to my favorite symphonies on vinyl. 

Also, new song discovery (“Tethered to the Dark,” by Anya Marina) that captures all of my favorite goth blues electro vibes. I think I described this song to a friend as if “Delta Rae met 90’s/early aughts goth witches.”

When I first arrived at college, a friend of mine from home sent me a Paste magazine CD (back when…), and Stars’ “Take Me to the Riot” was a one of the tracks on it. I wasn’t very good at expressing how I felt my first semester — lost, afraid, and heartbroken at being so far from home —but that song put my feelings into music. It was on repeat in my dorm room. I’ve been listening to Stars again, and heard this song for the first time—all the feelings. (Also, such “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” vibes!)

feasting: I’m not saying I work at Trader Joe’s, but if I did, and had for the past four months, the following would be my favorites: 

-cauliflower latkes

-mini mint ice cream sandwiches (because)

-honey mama chocolate bars (recommended to me by one of my friends, who also happens to be a health coach. So. )

-dark chocolate peanut butter cups (just get them. Curse me later). 

-$9.99 face serum (smells lightly like grapefruit, and hydrates wonderfully, but is dry. No oily feeling!)

beautiful beastie: I’ve lately enjoyed watching Youtube videos of trainers talking about how they got actors into shape for action movies and/or roles that involved stunt scenes. I find it fascinating, partly because of the dedication it takes on part of the actors, but also because it highlights that the human body is incredible. I mostly enjoy the ones that focus on functional fitness. After a hip injury and too much time spent being inactive, that’s also my focus as I return to the gym.

On that note, I’m working with kettlebells more, and especially enjoy the workouts from  BodyfitByAmy.

if you liked this, then watch… This SNL skit absolutely got it right — there’s simply too much content out there to watch. That being said, I’ve been making a dedicated effort to watch more of the endless offerings on Netflix, especially the shows from other countries. Some of them hit the mark, some are more for just background television, etc, but here’s what I’ve been perusing lately. 

Stranger Things: Dark (Netflix Germany) 

The Originals: Immortals (Netflix Turkey)

Bones meets Sherlock: Sniffer (Netflix Russia)

Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions: Elite (Netflix Spain)

Any song, television show or snack recommendations for me? Comment below!

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