little delights

a weekly roundup: July 28-Aug 4

The things that surprised and delighted me this week. 

mushrooms, squash blossoms and tomatoes atop homemade bread.

funghi: Heading into my (still very new) August challenge, I expected to be shocked by the quality of the tomatoes from the farmer’s market. And I was pleased, but it was the mushrooms that really blew my mind. They had a deep, delicious earthiness to them that exceeded my previous knowledge of mushrooms. 

with ribbons in her hair: having now reached 30, the idea of the ribbon scrunchie wasn’t immediately appealing. But the trend grew on me, and soon I found myself buying some for a friend who was also turning 30. And then, lo and behold…

I think the trick is to make sure the rest of the outfit looks mostly age-appropriate (ie, no overalls). 

bread and mylk: there’s something deeply satisfying of crunching into a piece of bread that’s still warm from the oven, knowing that I made it. The same can be said for oat mylk, which was considerably easier than I anticipated. (I used the recipe from the blog, “Root for Food.”)

oat mylk!

in the dark: despite being in the process of writing a pilot (in addition to my long-suffering novel), I find it hard to keep up with television. It took a bit of time, but I’m finally watching the German Netflix sci-fi series, “Dark.” So far, it’s a treat for the eyes, and grips the psyche beautifully. 

ooh, put your records on: the Indie-Western playlist on Spotify has some of my newest favorite music. 

Photo by Jackson Jorvan from Pexels

curiosities: I ran my second half-marathon nearly six years ago, injuring my hip in the process. It was finally mostly healed when I wrenched it again this past June by doing a cartwheel on the beach in Florida. A friend suggested the balm, and I’m not sure if it’s the essential oils or the CBD or just a good ol’ healthy placebo effect, but either way, it seems to help. 

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