the thing that made you

If you had come by this space a year and some months ago, it would’ve looked a little different. There’s nothing too obvious—a design change here, an editing style altered there. But at a certain point last year, Of Mountains Made was woefully abandoned.

I’d started this blog with my sister with a few ideas. On the sister level, I thought it would be a fun way for us to stay connected as we led lives far from each other. We modeled it after 3191 Miles Apart—each of us contributing a post about certain aspects of our time apart. Being sisters and, happily, friends, we share a lot of the same interests—travel, arts, food and nature—even though they come up in our lives in different ways. Karlie was living in an eight person cabin in New Hampshire for ten months, and I was six months into a move from NYC to the city of Newburgh, in the lower Hudson Valley.

On the personal level, I wanted an excuse to practice writing. I’ve always been a writer—as a teen, I wrote for the local newspaper. In college, I won the senior writing award, despite the fact that my major was music. When I moved to NYC, I’d started writing a novel…and then put it aside. I dedicated myself to learning how to bring words to life onstage.

(Which I still do—more info on that here).

But in 2018, the year we started this blog, I’d also begun to work as a freelance copywriter. As I built my client list, I wanted to have a place to showcase (some of) my writing and editing abilities. Additionally, I’d returned to my novel, determined to finish it. Like most artists, I work best when there’s accountability, and I was sure this blog would keep me writing.

Newburgh, NY, is across the river from Glazed Over Donuts in Beacon, NY. Also known as my favorite donut place.

But as it turns out, the WIFI situation in New Hampshire was limited. (Not a surprise—Karlie was working to fix trails and build shelter stations in remote mountains). And as winter passed into spring, Karlie didn’t have time to write about her experiences—she was too busy living them. I didn’t write about traveling, hiking, or eating Glazed Over Donuts as much as I anticipated. My commute was beautiful but long. Energy for my acting career, day job, relationships and yes, freelance copywriting took precedence over Of Mountains Made.

But, here we are, in May of 2019. Karlie is in Massachusetts. I’ve moved back to NYC. I’m fifty-three pages into my novel, and I will finish it. And I’ve felt a tugging to return to this blog.

So, what will it look like now? Well, Karlie graciously gave me ownership, so it’s mostly going to be me writing, though I hope to get up a few guest posts from her. (HINT HINT, KARLIE).

Mostly though, I want to focus on the stories that shape us, and the things that make us.

Like the stories we tell in books, songs, films, theater and art.

Like wandering around New York City and other places.

Like mountains.

Hi. I’m Rin.

Welcome to Of Mountains Made.

What made you?

p.s. the title comes from one of the pieces from the best soundtrack ever.

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