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Of Mountains Made offers witty, heartfelt copy that moves mountains

Because it’s not enough to just have “copy that converts.”

What you do – the skills you teach, the opportunities you provide through your courses and biz – is HUGE. Like, mountain-sized. You’re a world-changer (even if you won’t admit to it!) and your copy – from emails to sales pages to ads – needs to reflect that.


how I help you

Most of copywriting isn’t actually writing at all – it’s very specific research. I’m specialized in conversion copywriting, which means that I write in a specific way to your very specific, very well-researched audience.

We’ve all got our own unique writing voice. But my job is to understand YOURS so well that people can’t tell the difference between an OMM-written email and a biz owner one.

Writing takes time. That’s just how it is. And while I know you CAN (and HAVE) written your own successful copy, my goal when we work together is to give you that time back – so you can live the adventure-filled life you set out to create for yourself.

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